Winter Camp 2015


Welcome to ONE. We are an elite training facility designed to enhance an individuals performance level in detecting and solving intricate life situations. The Academy will raise your awareness capabilities so that when faced with insurmountable odds, you will prevail.

You have been recommended as part of The Academy elite, Agent “J” has assessed your performance level and has given The Academy a green light for a go ahead on your behalf. Should you choose to accept this offer you will need to activate your assignment and report for active duty on one of the two training dates provided.

Good luck in your endeavor and may I personally congratulate you on this opportunity.



  • $120 per camper
  • $67 per counselor
  • $10 counselor fee for individuals coming without a church group and not bringing their own counselor
  • A $50 non-refundable deposit and completed registration form for each camper/counselor is necessary to reserve a spot

Churches must provide their own counselors. Counselors must be 18 and older. There must be 1 counselor for every 7 campers of the same gender (2 counselors for 8 campers, 3 for 15, etc.). Extra counselors (counselors who do not need to come to satisfy the ratio requirements) must pay the full camper fee of $120.

If you do not have a counselor, contact Prescott Pines Camp at (928) 445-5225 or e-mail A limited number of counselors are available for individuals not coming with a church, for a fee of $10 per camper. You might want to bring extra spending money for:

  • Snack shop and gift shop $20 (recommended minimum)
  • Meals on the road

All free time Rec activities are included in the price of camp!!!

Discounts We realize finances are tight for many families, so this year we are offering several discounts.

  1. Register and Pay in full before December 20th and receive a $15 discount off of the regular price.
  2. Churches – bring a total of 10 kids to any Prescott Pines sponsored winter camp & receive 1 spot FREE!

Training Dates & Activation


Winter Fest

4th-6th Grade

January 30-February 1

Activate Now

Winter X

6th-12th Grade

February 6-8

Activate Now

On-line registration is currently only open to campers with a group hold code. For any other registrations please call for availability (928) 445-5225.


Important: Your activation form and deposit BOTH must be received before a spot will be reserved for you!

Individual Registrations

We have a new on-line registration program for all our camp sessions. To register please click the “Activate” links above. The registration works best when using Google Chrome. When the registration page has opened you will create an account with a user name and password. Please save both for future camp registrations. Once logged in complete the camper profile and then register for camp. Payment maybe done on-line or you can send a check to Prescott Pines Camp.

Group Registrations

Please call Heather at 928-445-5225 or email to set up a group hold for your church. Once the hold is created you will receive a “group hold code” to give to your campers to use when registering for camp. They will follow the above procedure to register and enter the code into the group hold field of the registration form. The code identifies them with your church.



Ken Elben

Ken Elben

Ken is currently the Christian Education Pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon California. Speaking to youth and families is his passion whether at church, camps, seminars, staff training or retreats. He loves to share the Word of God and see it transform people’s lives and is so thankful for the grace of God displayed through His Son Jesus Christ. more…



Ryan Nunez

Ryan Nunez

Ryan has been a pastor at Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona for the past fourteen years. After many years of school and finishing his doctoral degree he felt the call to full time ministry where he started the youth ministry program at Palm Valley Church with two kids in his living room. more…

Active Duty

Check-in starts at 3:00 pm Friday (Don’t miss Dinner @ 6:00!) – If you plan on arriving later than 6pm please call the camp office at (928) 445-5225 to let them know.

  • Counselor orientation meeting is at 7pm in the chapel
  • First session starts at 8:00pm
  • Pick-up is at 10:30 am Sunday

You will undergo intense training that will include, but will not be limited to the following activities:

  • Informant Sessions
  • Special Briefings designed for your eyes only!
  • Zip-line
  • Climbing Wall
  • Black Ops training with your fellow recruits
  • Laser Tag
  • Two Concerts
  • Field Archery
  • The Eliminator

Top Secret

Click here for a list of what to bring for winter!

Download the Medical Release & Participation Agreement form

Download a Volunteer Leader Orientation Packet (for counselors coming with a church)

Winter Camp 2014 pictures


Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Camp

Will I get cell reception?

Depending on your provider, you will either have partial cell phone coverage or none at all.  Verizon is the best for now, AT&T is a close second.  Sprint is pretty sketchy and T-Mobile and other smaller companies are probably out of luck.

Campers – Check with your group leaders for permission to use cell phones.

What kind of security does the camp have in place?

  • All paid guests are given a wristband when they arrive at camp and are asked to wear it for the duration of their stay.  Anybody on campus who is not wearing a wristband will be asked to check in at the main office.
  • All visitors need to check in at the welcome center upon arrival and will be directed to their group leader.
  • Prescott Pines Camp is surrounded on three sides by National Forest and by private property on the fourth side.  There is a fence surrounding the property and the entrances are both clearly marked.
  • Group leaders can request keys for various levels of security in the lodging.  By default, we will give one master key for each building you are using, mainly for the purpose of unlocking doors that were accidently locked.  If you would like individual room security though, we can provide you with a specific key for each room.  Please keep in mind though that there is a small fee for lost keys.
  • Please do not bring valuables or expensive items to Prescott Pines Camp.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  The safest place to keep these items is in your private vehicle.
  • Our biggest security concern here is the animals.  Squirrels and skunks live fat and happy lives here at camp and are not afraid to walk through open doors day or night.  They also have not figured out how zippers work either and tend to just chew their way through a bag to get to the food.  Please help us out by keeping doors closed, even when you are in the room.

Did you receive my registration for ___________?

If you submit your registration online, you should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes.  Please check your spam box to make sure it wasn’t filtered.

If you sent in your registration via “snail mail”,  you will receive an email when it is processed, assuming you gave us one on the registration form.  If you did not, then you may verify we received it by calling.  Please give us at least a week to get your registration in the mail and process it before calling.

What’s on the menu? Do you accomodate special dietary needs?

With enough warning, we are able to accommodate most dietary needs.  Please let us know about your needs via the Dietary Request Form.

If your dietary needs constitute a serious health risk, the safest thing to do is bring your own food.  We can provide refrigeration and a microwave for you to prepare your own meals.

Do you have a gift/snack shop?

The Hungry Bear Snack and Gift Shop is available upon request by the group leader. We offer a variety of snacks, hot food items, and fountain and bottled drinks. There is also a selection of souvenirs, t-shirts, gifts and toys to choose from.

How many adult leaders do we need to bring?

The required ratio is 1 adult leader per 7 students of the same sex. You are welcome to bring additional leaders over the required ratio, however, they will pay the full camper price.

Will I have internet access?

The camp broadcasts a wireless internet signal from the Welcome Center and the Hungry Bear Depot outside of the Dining Hall.  You can access this signal using most wi-fi enabled devices.  Please stop by the Welcome Center to get the access code.

Campers – Check with your group leaders for permission to access the internet.

Are there any camp rules?

  1. Campers are under the authority of the camp staff during the camp week.
  2. Campers may not leave the grounds unless:
        1. under supervised camp activities
        2. a written request signed by the parent/guardian is presented at registration.
  3. No visitors without prior approval.
  4. Campers will conform to the camp dress code which is casual and modest.


What happens to lost & found items?

Prescott Pines is not responsible for any items left behind, lost, or stolen. After 30 days, unclaimed items become the property of Prescott Pines and will be given to needy families or charitable organizations. We recommend that you leave valuable items at home .

Can campers use the phone to call home?

Due to the intensity and the scheduling of the programs, the public phones will be unavailable to the campers. As always, our medical personnel will contact you in case of a sickness or injury.

Does Prescott Pines provide camper insurance?

Campers are responsible for their own insurance coverage. Personal insurance information will be collected with the camper’s registrations, and will be kept on file, to be used if the camper needs medical treatment.

How is housing assigned?

Campers will be pre-assigned to housing based on space available and roommate requests. See registration form to indicate a roommate preference, we will try to honor your requests. Church groups will be assigned housing together, based upon gender. No cabin assignments will be changed on check-in day.

What items should be left at home?

Electronic devices such as: Ipods, MP3 players, CD Players, Radios, Electronic Games,

Drugs Other than their own Prescription*

Tobacco, Fireworks, Alcohol, Firearms, Knives or other Weapons*

*None of these are allowed on the grounds and if brought will be taken away and NOT returned! Campers should understand that violation of these rules may result in the contact of parents/guardians with the possibility of being sent home.

What is the lodging like?

  • Lodging is assigned according to how many people are in your group and what is available.  Your lodging assignment may not be the same as last year!  We will let you know what has been assigned to you as soon as we can.
  • We only assign you the number of buildings you need.  You will need to assign your campers and chaperons to the individual rooms.
  • You can see floor plans and cabin assignment sheets on our website.
  • Guests must bring their own bedding, towels and toiletries.  Upgraded lodges include bedding and towels, but not toiletries.  Upgraded lodges are also an additional fee.

Floor plans and cabin assignment sheets

Additional Registration questions? Please contact Heather at or (928) 445-5225

All other questions please contact our Director at or (928) 445-5225