Celebrating 80 years of God’s stories at Prescott Pines.

“My dad moved to Prescott from Wisconsin in 1975. He met the Pauley/Rummage family as an intern for the camp way back then. As he grew up in the church (First Baptist of Prescott) and grew his family, my sister and I spent many summer days and nights swimming in the pool and running through the grounds. I can recall the smell of rain on those monsoon afternoons and the smell of campfires burning into the night.

When I was 25, I reached a crossroads in my life and Prescott Pines was there to welcome me and provide much needed direction. It was my great honor and privilege to serve the camp for five years and that experience allowed me the opportunity to find my calling as an educator and trainer.

I will remember the positive impact The Trail Family, and so many others had on my life. Prescott Pines with live in my memory forever.

Thank you.”

Dominic Priola
First Baptist Church of Prescott

“As one of the Camp Directors, for over 15 years, numerous account come to mind. Staff testimonials on Bean Hill, my office being raided by Women’s Fellowship campers, some Summer staff breaking curfew, but most of all so many Summer staff went on to full time ministries. Thank you staff for so many wonderful memories.”

Paul Smith, Leader
FBC Prescott

“I am so sorry to hear that Prescott Pines Camp will no longer be here. I have been attending over 30 years and my children have grown up with Prescott Pines. We were so blessed! We thank God you for your service! God bless you✝️❤️”

Sarah Lolez, Camper
North Phoenix Baptist Church

“I grew up going to Prescott Pines youth camp almost every year first as a pre-teen camper and then as a teenager on summer staff. I worked in the main kitchen in 1979 and in the Teepee Village kitchen in 1980. So many memories!!! The staff was always so caring, and I learned so much at the youth camps. Good, strong, biblical teaching – it’s what I still look for today in a church. Thank you!”

Janet Ruth, Camper
Boulder Mountain Church

“I fell in love with Prescott Pines Camp as a young child.
I was there on my 10th birthday!
(I remember falling off the top bunk one year when I was in cabin three!)

  • Victory circle was a special time together with counselors and friends. You could feel the Holy Spirit moving…lifelong, lasting commitments to God were made there.
  • The Rec center, now called MAC, was great fun in my teens.
  • Gould chapel and the little prayer chapel offered times of reflection, prayer and solace
  • Services in the main Chapel we’re filled with worship and God’s truth. I remember many missionary speakers whose stories were humbling and inspirational!

And now, as a senior adult, I’ve attended many women’s camps. Prescott Pines Camp has been a tremendous joy throughout my life.

We (Spacone family) have had four generations at Prescott Pines Camp /Teepee village/Pioneer camp…Our mother (as a counselor)
myself and siblings our precious children and our grandchildren as campers! Such a rich legacy that honored God and families!

I know the buildings will be removed and physical landscape will change, but it will remain the same in my heart.

All Glory to God!!!!”

Maria Ferguson, Camper
West High Baptist

“In 1978, I took a summer job (because I was a teacher in Central City NE) as a lead in TeePee Village. That summer I met and fell in love with the summer maintenance worker from Scottsdale, Brian Stegall. Our first ‘date’ was when I received permission from the camp director to ride along in the dump truck to the city landfill. We had a couple other official sanctioned dates that summer, went back to NE in August, got engaged in November when I flew to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, then got married at the end of the next summer in 1979 in the main chapel. Dave Mielke, the director, married us, and Paul Smith, the assistant director, sang at our wedding. The dining hall hosted the reception, completing our storybook wedding! We later served on staff a couple years later, so our children were able to grow up a bit with other staff kids in the most perfect place! Prescott Pines holds many wonderful memories for our family!!! ❤️❤️❤️”

Cheri Stegall, Leader
Scottsdale Baptist Church