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You make a Difference

Want to make an eternal difference in the life of a kid?

Disconnected, unloved, and disappointed.

That is how Sam and Joseph, two boys who had recently been put in a homeless shelter felt.

They were angry at the fathers who beat them and the God who allowed it.

But then, through a scholarship program at Prescott Pines Camp, the boys got connected to a church, felt loved by God, and now attend church regularly.

For just one dollar a day, you could ensure that a camper like these boys would have the chance to go camp – and find the community, connection, and care they so desperately need.

Out of our desire to allow all who want to experience camp and meet Jesus that we have created the SPARK program.

SPARK is a camp scholarship program designed to help provide financial assistance to those students and leaders who need help getting to camp.

For just $30 a month, you can be part of life transformation and make sure no one misses out on the opportunity to experience the power of community, connection to God, and the beauty of creation.



“SPARK” stands for:

  • Scholarships to
  • Provide camp, connections,
  • And
  • Recreation through the
  • Kindness of donors

With your support, you can “spark” purpose,  joy, desire, and connection in the lives of campers for eternity. Your small monthly gift can make a huge difference and partnership with Prescott Pines can change a life (like Sam and Joseph) forever.