Get Involved

Why should I get involved?

Prescott Pines Christian Camp wants all people to experience God.  If that’s something that sounds like a worthy goal, then you should join us.  While we seem to get along just fine without donations and volunteers (we’re always praying), its those who are willing to give of their time and money that allow us to go the extra mile.

How to donate...
Any size gift is appreciated toward these projects. Can’t decide? Consider a gift to “Operations”, and let us pick!

If you are interested in contributing to one of these projects, you have a few options:

  • You may donate online via paypal:
  • Mail a check to the camp.  Put the name of the project in the Memo line.
  • Contact Jim Trail at (928) 445-5225 or if you have any questions.

Main Chapel

Chapel Renovation

Do you realize the Chapel is the oldest building on our grounds?  And when it was built it was never imagined that the camp would be operating year-round?  Well, we do use it year-round.  And it can get pretty chilly in there, even with the heat going full blast.

We want to insulate the walls and roof, redo the woodpecker bedazzled siding and upgrade the carpet.  This will allow us to comfortably use our most popular building all year long (not to mention put some serious dents in our utility bill!).

Giant Swing

Giant Swing

(Example Above)

One of the reasons people come to camp is for the fun activities.  And we are proud of the fact that people often comment that “there is so much to do here!”.  We’ve committed to annually expanding our recreation offerings and this year we’d like to build a Giant Swing.

By Giant we mean 30-40 feet high.  Three riders at a time.  There’s probably going to be a winch involved.  And lots and lots of prayer.

Comfy Chair

A New Lounge

Its been a while since our game room has been a place we’ve been proud of.  And we’re not sure a very poorly maintained pool table and some video games from the 90’s is what we really need.

You know what we do need?  A comfy place for people to relax!  There are far too many people sitting on the walls and rocks because there just isn’t any other place to go.  We want to turn our sad looking game room into a room full of comfy chairs.  We’re hoping that this new lounge will give our guests the opportunity to build relationships, gather in small groups for teaching and discussion and ease their back pain.

Heart PartnersHeart Partners Scholarship Program

Children need camp! At camp, children experience community, grow in their relationship with God or maybe even discover their Creator’s love for the first time. They make new friends and get out into nature. Camp impacts their world view, transforms their self-image, and touches their hearts. Children need camp! With the economy in such a state, more and more families need scholarships. No one wants to hear that a child could not come to camp because they didn’t have the money. Send a child to camp and give them a life-long memory.