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Thank you for your interest in Prescott Pines Camp! We like people who are independent, but can also work in groups. We also work in a Christian-friendly environment. Most of our staff are required to lift 50+ pounds.

Part-Time Year Round
Maintenance Staff
  • 29 hrs, some knowledge of electrical, plumbing, and construction. Must be able to lift over 50 pounds.

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Kitchen Staff

Must be able to lift over 25 pounds.

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Full-Time Year Round

Program Coordinator


The Program Coordinator works to fulfill Prescott Pines Camp’s mission to help all people experience God by designing and implementing excellent and intentional programs for children, youth and adults.

About the Camp

Prescott Pines is owned by the Southwest Church Connection, an association of Baptist churches throughout Arizona, but we do not limit our impact to the association. We desire that all people would have the opportunity to experience God to the fullest and we work to create a place where that can happen. Prescott Pines strives to be personal with our guests and partner organizations, progressive in programming and facilities, and memorable in all things.  

Key Responsibilities

  • Assume the major responsibility for planning and implementing Prescott Pines sponsored camping programs. Take adequate time during the year to plan the summer program. Develop and grow programs that are not only fun but also intentionally encourage attendees to experience God. Currently this includes summer camp programs for children and youth, two winter camps, and both a men’s and women’s retreat. This includes:
  1. Plan and coordinate all logistics of summer program (themes, activities, fun, etc.)
  2. Oversee program budget.
  3. Develop weekly schedules for each camp.
  4. Recruit, train and minister to the seasonal staff.
    1. Plan and implement strategy to acquire and retain Summer Staff.
    2. Develop, plan and implement staff training.
    3. Supervise, support and evaluate interns and program staff.
    4. Develop these staff members professionally, personally and spiritually.
  5. Work with interns and other PPC Staff to provide leadership to all summer staff.
  6. Discover and secure bands, speakers and other partners in ministry from outside the camp community.
  7. Communicate program philosophies, events and needs with directors and other PPC camp staff.
  • Promote, market and interpret Prescott Pines Camp.
  1. Promote the camp specifically to churches in the southwest U.S. and to members of the Association.
  2. Develop relationships with association churches and build new church partnerships outside the association.
  3. Discover opportunities to best serve these churches and organizations with our programs.
  4. Visit churches and youth events to promote Prescott Pines programs and encourage guest group use.
  5. Network with youth pastors and Christian educators to promote the ministry and encourage their participation.
  • Assist other coordinators in their roles and responsibilities as needed and able.
  1. Serve as the Camp Host for guest groups and be primary liaison between the camp and the group leader.
  2. Facilitate recreational activities such as zip line, high & low ropes, group activities, teach Outdoor Ed classes and more.
  3. Investigate and create new recreation and program opportunities at PPC. Provide program activities when requested (within appropriate season/conditions).
  • Build and maintain staff unity.


  • An authentic personal relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ consistent with the Prescott Pines Camp Statement of Belief, and a genuine love for the Church, both of which are reflected in lifestyle.
  • A basic understanding of the unique ministry of Christian Camping and a willingness to live and work within the unique context of the Prescott Pines Camp setting.
  • Flexibility in interactions with others. For instance, the ability to be professional when serving as a Gest Group Host, but also being able to hang out with teenagers and goof off.
  • Knowledge, aptitude and interest in program theming, games, mixers, Bible study, devotions, etc..
  • Ability to manage year-long projects by managing time and resources effectively.
  • Willingness to live on-site in camp provided housing. Camp staff usually work about 40 hours per week and schedules may vary.
  • Willingness to travel to churches and/or other venues to build relationships and promote Prescott Pines.
  • A willingness to build and maintaining staff unity.

Departmental Structure

The Program Coordinator is responsible to the Camp Associate Director and works alongside the Outdoor Education Coordinator and Guest Services Coordinator. He or she will also supervise the summer staff, volunteers and  oversee other planning committees and individuals working with camp sponsored events.

Additional Duties/Info

Other duties and responsibilities will be assigned as ability, interest and availability are determined over time.

This is a full-time (40 hour) salaried position that includes housing, medical insurance for the family, retirement and life insurance.

Please fill out our online employment application.

If you have questions please contact Tyler Nelson at


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Part-Time Seasonal
Outdoor Education Instructor

Prescott Pines Camp is looking for talented instructors for our Outdoor Education Program.  The ODE program is geared toward 5th and 6th grade Public, Private and Christian school students who come for 2 to 3 day overnight camps in the fall and spring.  These camps are intended to be an additional educational experience in the school year and an opportunity for personal challenge and growth for the students. The classes we teach are both indoors and outdoors and use very interactive and hands-on activities.

As an instructor, you would be asked to teach several classes per week. Training will take place in the last two weeks of August. The season starts in the beginning of September and goes to the middle of December. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a background or a future in education or who just loves to teach. Training and lesson plans will be provided, including teacher training if you do not have a lot of experience. All you need to bring is your people skills, a love of learning and a fun-loving energetic attitude.

This work does qualify for some teaching and outdoor internships and we are willing to work with you to fulfill your education goals.

This job works well with other part-time jobs because the work schedule is consistent throughout the season.

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There are a number of ways you can be a part of our work here:

  • Become a Summer Staffer: Are you in college and looking for something to do this summer?  Spend it with us!
  • Form a team: Ask your church about putting together a team of people who can come accomplish a project.  Like a missions trip, but without airfare.
  • Join S.O.W.E.R.S.:  We owe a lot to the S.O.W.E.R.S.  If you have an RV and want to travel while helping out organizations like ours, check them out!

If  you want more information on volunteering, send an email to our director.